Neck Lift

As we age, we see loosening and sagging of the neck skin, vertical bands due to neck muscle weakness, fat deposits under the chin (double chin) and loss of definition in the jaw line which separates the face from the neck.

The aim in the neck area is to stretch the loose skin, repair the vertical bands caused by muscle weakness, remove excess fat if there is any and achieve good jaw line definition. The natural fold under the chin, area behind or in front of the ears can be used as an entry point to reach problematic areas and make surgical touches. When necessary, this surgery can be combined with neck lift, liposuction and fat injections or chin implants for a better definition of the chin.

The most common problem in the young population is not the loosening and sagging of the skin but excess fat tissue. Liposuction is an effective remedy to this problem and recovery time and time to resume daily activities is much shorter than that of neck lift.

Neck lift is performed under general anesthesia and requires a hospital stay of one day. It is important to wear a neck girdle for 5-7 days following surgery and patients can resume their social activities at the end of one week.