Mole Removal

Moles can be removed either because of cancer risk or for cosmetic concerns. Asymmetry, irregular margins, change in color, rapid growth, elevation, scaling and bleeding are major symptoms necessitating removal. In case you notice such changes in your moles please consult with a physician.

Contrary to what is commonly believed in the society, mole removal does not increase the risk of cancer development. It is important that pathological examination is performed and if necessary, additional therapy is planned following mole removal (nevus excision). Like in all other surgical procedures, mole removal may cause minimal scarring. The more aligned this scar is with your body folds the less pronounced it is and it generally does not stand out once healing is complete. Avoiding sun exposure and using various creams, if necessary, will help achieving a better cosmetic result.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that each mole does not need surgical removal and in conducive cases moles can be removed by laser or cryotherapy without resorting to surgical methods.