Golden Needle

Among various skin rejuvenation techniques, golden needle is a technology based on radiofrequency waves which can be used as an alternative to surgery.

In this procedure, fractional radiofrequency energy is delivered subcutaneously by gold needles and it does not cause any side effects in the skin. Increased temperature under the skin shortens the existing collagen fibers and stimulates collagen at the same time. Furthermore, blood circulation is increased at the application site and skin layers are rejuvenated thanks to its micro needling property. Following golden needle application, skin looks tighter thanks to shortened collagen fibers and more radiant and healthier thanks to newly generated collagen fibers and increased circulation.

Golden needle is also used to minimize pores, firm sagging skin and remove acne scars in addition to its wrinkle-minimizing, rejuvenating and firming benefits. While it is commonly preferred in the face, neck and cleavage, it can also be used for scars and stretch marks.

Following golden needle which can be applied in any season, it is important to protect the skin with moisturizer and sun screen like in many other cosmetic pocedures. Although changes are visible after the first session, it would work better to have repeated sessions.