Brow Lift

With aging and also due to gravity, eyebrows move down lower than they are supposed to be, and this gives the person a tired look.

Eyebrows can be raised by Botox injections to a certain extent. However, such injections are not enough after a certain degree of drooping and eyebrows require surgical intervention. Surgeon reaches the eyebrow through an incision behind the hairline and lifts and repositions the relevant tissues to raise the brow. It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with eyelid surgery, forehead and temple lift.

Brow lift can be performed under local anesthesia, local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is around 1-1.5 hours and mostly does not require hospitalization. Daily activities can be resumed within 1-2 days.