In the popular culture of this day and age, the fact that celebrities with riveting buttocks are well-liked increased the demand for buttock enhancement.

The proportion between the buttocks and the waist and surrounding tissues is one physical property that makes a woman more feminine. Round, firm and full buttocks combined with a curly waist is what most women want.

In buttock enhancement while the goal is to create fuller, firmer and round shaped buttocks, the harmony between buttocks and the surrounding tissue is also very important. Buttock augmentation and lift surgeries can be planned based on the patient’s needs. Most of the time these two procedures are inter-twined.

Methods employed for buttock augmentation and lift include fat injections, silicone implants and filler materials. The procedure that is in demand is a technique that combines liposuction and fat injection, which is also known as the Brazilian butt lift. In this technique, extensive liposuction is performed to harvest patient’s own fat to be injected to the buttocks to create bigger and firmer buttocks. This way while the buttocks become firmer, plumper and round, liposuction creates a curly waist and body. Other techniques to augment and lift buttocks include the placement of silicone implants and use of fillers.

Buttock enhancement surgery is performed under general anesthesia and generally requires one day of hospital stay. It is important to wear a body corset for 4 weeks following surgery. Though there might be some swelling and bruising in the first two weeks depending on the extent of liposuction, it is possible to resume daily activities within 7-10 days following surgery.