Arm Lift

Aging, weight gain and loss and gravity may cause excessive skin and sagging in the underside of arms.

Arm lift, also known as ‘brachioplasty’ may resolve this problem. If the main problem is excess fatty tissue, liposuction can also deliver the desired outcome. However, if there is prominently excessive skin, softness and sagging, arm lift is required and can be performed in combination with liposuction when appropriate. It is important to provide comprehensive information about the incision to be made in the arm lift surgery. In cases which require limited intervention, the incision may be limited to the armpit whereas it may extend from the inner arm to inner part of the elbow when necessary.

Arm lift is performed under anesthesia and has a duration of 2-2.5 hours. One day hospital stay is enough. Though it is important to wear a corset for 2 weeks following surgery, you can resume your daily activities in one week and exercising in 4-6 weeks.